Developing Tourism in Banten

Imagine, every year there are more than 1.3 billion people, foreign travel. How many people who stop in Indonesia? Data from the World Tourism Organization revealed, only 4 million people, or only about 0.3 percent of all foreign visitors (tourists) to Indonesia. While 14.7 million people visited Malaysia (1.1 percent) and Thailand's 15 million people (1.2 percent). So, how many foreign tourists visiting the province of Banten?

Tourists who visited Jakarta in 2006, is 150 thousand people, and they even have a target of Banten Community Tourism Board (BCTB). Why not BCTB targeted foreign tourists visit 1 or 2 million people, are not eligible to Jakarta is the main goal for foreign tourists. Apparently Banten varied and world-class tourism potential, but still not professional pengelolannya. Not only can compete with Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore, Bali or Yogyakarta is still far behind.

Latent Potential

Jakarta has a variety of attractions, ranging from nautical tourism (Carita Beach, Tanjung Lesung, Umang Island, Anyer), tourism (Ujung Kulon, Krakatau Island and the mountains), cultural tourism (Baduy), religious tourism (Mesjin Great) and tourist expenditures (Cilegon , Serpong).

Banten natural resources has great appeal, it causes the Arab countries, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and English a few centuries ago, stopped in Banten. So in fact the existence of Jakarta has long been global. Between the years 1525 - 1808, from the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (son of Sunan Cirebon Gunungjati) until the time of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, Jakarta is known as the kingdom is often visited by foreigners, or 'tourists'. At the time of Banten area open to international business world, so many foreign trade office opened. Even the Arab villages, India, China and Japan already present. Why the global possibilities' Banten few centuries ago, much better now?

Seen from the socio-cultural aspects, since a few centuries ago the people of Banten known to be very open. The impact of openness to the heyday of Banten, partly achieved through the harmonious cooperation between the natives and immigrants. On the other hand, Banten also suffered damage from exposure, especially against the Dutch. Dutch government in 1808 resulted in undermining Daendels Surosowan Palace in Banten Lama, acquire and move the royal seat of government for the Attack. Since then, Jakarta experienced a setback in all fields, until finally Banten under the auspices of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). As a province that is still "a child" (6 years), Banten tried to explore the historical values for the resurrection of the spirit, so that they can be parallel with the provinces of the most advanced.

In addition to natural resources (SDA) and human resources (HR), the potential still buried history of Jakarta. And the development of tourism, all three need to disinergikan through professional management.

Need Investment

Active participation of the provincial government, district authorities and city governments in the field of tourism needs to be increased again. Because the agricultural sector and industrial growth has stagnated, the tourism sector serious consideration. Harmonious cooperation between the Government of the tourism sector managers need to be developed, should not be in their own way. Local governments should not only pursue regional income (PAD), and management of the tourism industry, including hotel managers, restaurant and travel agents should not only pursue profits for a moment.

Tourism as a long life fruit crops, thick fruit as long as possible, it is necessary for fertilization, irrigation, and pest and disease control. Also tourism, so 'solid fruit "as long as possible, it is necessary investments such as infrastructure, human resource development and promoting sustainable development.

Tourism infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports must be willing to seriously. Conditions such as damaged roads and between Cilegon Anyer beach, between Pandeglang-Labuan-Panimbang-Cape Lesung and future wells will make the tourists visiting this attraction. Thus the goal of 150 thousand foreign tourists, Vishnu 1 million (tourists) and 2.5 million Wisłok (domestic tourists) who visit the various attractions in Banten difficult to achieve.

Development of human resources for tourism needs serious work. Given the number of poor and unemployed in the province of Banten still high, the development of local human resources needs serious attention. In fact, almost all the major attractions in Banten, more strategic position of migrant workers. If allowed to drag on so could lead to social jealousy, so that the social environment is not conducive to tourism.

Management of a good tourism industry to invest in the development of local resources, such as providing scholarships for exceptional people to take higher education to tourism, provide basic training in the field of tourism. In this case a good imitation of Banten Yogyakarta and Bali, where the local tourism industry, with many local resources, so that the values of local culture tourism is more color. This is the era of globalization, but globalization tribe behind Isasi, there is a strong current, the tendency for interest in the things that the more local.

Need Promotions

Investment promotion is also very important, as well as tourist attraction and any seprofesional management, without telling the promotion of tourism industry will not grow. In this case, learn from Malaysia, a strong 'improvement' tourism campaign, either through the embassy, television, newspapers and the Internet. Similarly, Singapore and Australia, is "keen" to promote tourism in Indonesia. So no wonder the tourists who travel from Indonesia to Malaysia reached almost 800 thousand people per year (data from The World Travel and Tourism Council "), several thousand of them are people of Banten.

Development of tourism in the year 2006, the Government of Banten budget of Rp. 1.2 billion for the promotion. The budget is relatively small in view the plan 150 thousand visits Wisman, Vishnu 1 million and 2.5 million Wisłok, with a sales target of 45 million U.S. dollars from the United States "Wisman (assuming an average 2-day visit) and Rp 875 billion in Wisman and Wisłok (BCTB data). Activities to promote tourism, local government managers need to improve the tourism industry still needed for positive interaction between the provincial government Banten, District (Serang, Pandeglang, Lebak, Tangerang), City Government (Cilegon, Tangerang) have, with Asita (Tourism Association) (Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants), actors and other tourism industry managers.

The countries targeted by a campaign carefully to be identified. Some countries such as Singapore, Japan and Taiwan are the countries sending the largest foreign tourists to Indonesia. If sufficient budget, made very effective as a tourism ads aired on television stations in these countries. Referring to the historical value, it would not hurt if you try to Banten tourism in Arab countries, China, India, Portuguese, Spanish and English, promotion of a few centuries ago, Jakarta was a 'special relationship' with the state, who knows a lot people who want to trace their ancestors.

Banten tourism development is not easy, it takes intelligence, innovation and creativity in its management. Hopefully, Banten tourism development efforts are not limited to ideas, opinions, seminars and workshops only, in this case the necessary actions and proactive steps

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