Batik Banten II

Not many people who knew BATIK BANTEN. Batik is characterized by motifs with a touch of the Sultanate of Banten. Batik Banten most homes are made in a number of industries. One of them owned by industrial houses Uke Kurniawan, at Jalan Bhayangkara, CIPOCOK Jaya, Serang, Banten. 

Uke's been six years struggling and enrich Batik motifs and designs of Banten. Motifs are made is the result of the study period Sultanate of Banten. Name the motive was adjusted to the term in the Sultanate of Banten, as MANDALIKA, PANCANITI, SUROSOWAN and others. In addition there are also some motifs were modified with a touch of nuance to the GROUND-ISLAMIC BANTEN.

To preserve Batik Banten, Uke often provide knowledge about the correct way of batik to students in Jakarta. He also tried to introduce Batik Banten, holding them with a number of hotels to introduce batik to foreign tourists. Thanks to his efforts, not a homemade batik is exported to several countries in Asia and Europe.

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