Milkfish Sate (Sate Bandeng)

Sate Bandeng
When you walk into Serang, Banten (About 100 Km to west of Jakarta) and want to find a gift as a souvenir to take home, maybe a meal one needs to be an option, the satay of milkfish.
Food that could last 3 to 4 days is very suitable as side dishes of food. To better enjoy it, this one meal should be eaten while still warm.

milkfish @ 500 g
1/2 grated coconut (do not too old coconut)
2 eggs, beat well
Spices that are:
5 pieces of red onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon coriander, toasted
1 tsp pepper

How to make:
Clean fish, remove the meat and prickly, keeping the head, tail, and the fish skin intact.
Puree the fish meat, mixed with shredded coconut s. Stir well, add beaten eggs, stir again until equally. Divided into two parts.
Fill each piece of fish into the body, condense and then sewing so that the contents do not come out. steamed until cooked for + / – 15 minutes. Allow to cool benar2.
Sea bass wrapped in banana leaves next to burn on hot coals.
But now satay of milkfish can be ordered easily, not easily spoiled, because we will be more durable vacuum.
Made from the delicious offerings directly and legit
It is suitable for food served weddings and other ……
Today is booked tomorrow direct transfer
For Big Order “” booked at least 4 days before the event.

Interesting and yummmyyyyyyy ....

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