Imagine, in every year there are 1.3 billion people passing by, day trips to foreign countries. How many people who stop in Indonesia? Data from the World Tourism Organization revealed, only 4 million people, or only about 0.3 percent of all foreign tourists (tourists) who come to Indonesia. While Malaysia visited 14.7 million people (1.1 percent) and Thailand's 15 million people (1.2 percent). So, how many foreign tourists visiting the province of Banten?

Tourists who visited Jakarta in 2006, was 150 thousand people, and they even had a target of Banten Community Tourism Board (BCTB). Then why not BCTB targeting foreign tourists visit 1 or 2 million people, are not eligible to Banten became the main destination of foreign tourists. Apparently Banten has a diverse tourism potential and world class, but still not pengelolannya professional. Not only can compete with Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore, the Bali or Yogyakarta is still far behind.

Potential latent

Jakarta has a variety of attractions, ranging from nautical tourism (Carita Beach, Tanjung Lesung, Umang Island, Anyer), tourism (Ujung Kulon, Krakatoa Island Mount and), cultural tourism (Baduy), religious tourism (Mesjin Great) and tourism expenditure ( Cilegon, Serpong).

Banten natural resources have a strong appeal, it causes the Arab nations, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch a few centuries ago stopped in Banten. Thus the actual existence of Jakarta has long been global. Between the years 1525 - 1808, starting from the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (son of Sunan Cirebon Gunungjati) until the time of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, Banten kingdom known as much visited by strangers or 'tourists'. At that time Banten became open territory for the international business, so many foreign trade office opened. Even the Arab villages, India, China and Japan were already there. Then why the ability 'to global' Banten few centuries ago, far superior now?

Judging from the social aspects of culture, since a few centuries ago the people of Banten known to be very open. As the impact of openness to reach the heyday of Banten, partly because of the harmonious co-operation exists between native and immigrant. On the other hand, Banten also experiencing deterioration due to its openness, especially against the Dutch. Dutch Government in 1808 under the leadership of undermining Daendels Surosowan Palace at around Banten Lama, acquire and move the royal seat of government to Serang. Since then Jakarta experienced deterioration in all areas, until finally Banten under the auspices of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). As a province that is still 'a child' (6 years), Banten tried to explore the historical values to be the spirit of resurrection, so they can level with the provinces the most advanced.

In addition to natural resources (SDA) and human resources (HR), the potential of historical Jakarta was still buried. And for the development of tourism, all three need to disinergikan through professional management.

Need Investment

Active participation of the provincial government, district governments and city governments in the field of tourism needs to be increased again. As the agricultural sector and industrial growth has stagnated, the tourism sector needs serious attention. Harmonious cooperation between the government with the tourism industry managers need to be developed again, do not let their own ways. Local Government should not merely pursuing local revenue (PAD), as well as managing the tourism industry such as hotel managers, restaurant and travel agency should not only pursue profits for a moment.

Tourism such as plant longevity fruit, to produce a thick fruit within as long as possible, it is necessary to fertilizing, watering, and pest and disease control. Similarly, tourism, so 'dense fruit' as long as possible, it is necessary investments such as infrastructure, human resource development and promotion of sustainable development.

Tourism infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports need to be prepared to seriously. Conditions such as damaged roads and between Cilegon Anyer beach, between Pandeglang-Labuan-Panimbang-Cape Lesung and wells will discourage prospective tourists to visit these attractions. Thus, the target of 150 thousand foreign tourists, 1 million Wisnu (tourists) and 2.5 million wislok (domestic tourists) who will visit the various attractions in Banten difficult to achieve.

The development of tourism human resources needs work too seriously. Given the number of poor people and unemployment in Banten Province was still high, then the local human resource development needs serious attention. In fact almost all the leading attractions in Banten, for more strategic position to employ migrants. If allowed to drag on so this could trigger social jealousy, so that the social environment is not conducive to tourism.

For managing the tourism industry is good to invest in the development of local resources, such as providing scholarships for outstanding community to take higher education tourism, provide basic training on tourism. In this case it's good imitation of Banten Bali and Yogyakarta, where the local tourism industry involving many local resources, so that the values of local cultural tourism activities more colors. It is now the era of globalization, but globalization behind tribalisasi there are strong currents, namely the tendency of interest in things that are getting stronger locally.

Need Promotions

Investment in promotion is also very important, as good as any tourist attraction and management of any seprofesional, without telling the promotion of tourism industry will not grow. In this case could learn from Malaysia, which was heavily promoting the 'sophistication' tourism, either through the embassy, television, newspapers and the Internet. Similarly, Singapore and Australia, are 'industrious' to promote tourism in Indonesia. So no wonder that tourists who travel from Indonesia to Malaysia almost reached 800 thousand people per year (data from 'The World Travel and Tourism Council'), several thousand of whom are people of Banten.

For the development of tourism in 2006, the Government of Banten province has allocated a budget of Rp. 1.2 billion for the promotion. The budget is relatively small when watching the target 150 thousand visits Wisman, Vishnu and 1 million 2.5 million Wislok, with a revenue target of 45 million dollars from the U.S. `Wisman (assuming an average visit 2 days) and Rp 875 billion from Wisman and Wislok (data from BCTB). To enhance tourism promotion activities, local government managers need to hold the tourism industry, it is necessary to have a positive interaction between the government of Banten Province, Regency (Serang, Pandeglang, Lebak, Tangerang), City Government (Cilegon, Tangerang), with Asita (Tourism Association), ( Union of Hotel and Restaurant Indonesia), and the perpetrator other tourism industry managers.

Countries that become targets promotion should be identified carefully. Some countries such as Singapore, Japan and Taiwan is the largest sending countries of foreign tourists to Indonesia. If adequate budget, quite effective if made tourism ads that aired on television stations in those countries. Referring to the historical value, there's nothing wrong if you try to promote tourism in Banten Arab countries, China, India, Portuguese, Spanish and English, for a few centuries ago Banten never have a 'special relationship' with those countries, who knows a lot citizens who wish to trace their ancestors.

Banten tourism development is not easy, it takes intelligence, innovation and creativity in its management. Hopefully Banten tourism development efforts not only limited to ideas, opinions, seminars or workshops alone, in this case the required actions and proactive steps

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