Wayang Garing

Wayang Garing is not the kind of performance that rests on the play, but on a direct line of guyon involving urination owner (the committee) and the audience. Like theater performances, puppet-like crunchy "poor theater" that explores the limitations Artaud to maximize what you have. Wayang Garing not some fairy tale that tells a story, but the conversation was a mastermind behind the audience about real life in the middle of the mastermind ki society.

Wayang Garing is very different from the shadow puppets in Yogyakarta or puppet show in West Java. Shadow puppet theater Stanislavski is very faithful to the play, while the puppet show is similar to Brecht's theater of exile with the shuffle play jokes. The difference is in itself reflects the cultural and community characteristics that support each of these arts. The nature of a very populist, egalitarian, with a multicultural language, play and guyon composition, rhythm and crisp standard puppet show is not easy to find in the types of other puppets.

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