Tour Ziarah Banten

Masjid Agung Banten
The Great Mosque is located on the west plaza of Banten, over an area of 0.13 hectares. Was first established in the
reign of Sultan Hasanuddin maulana in 1566, or the date of Dhul-Hijjah 966 H 5 resumed in the Government
Sultan maulana Yusuf. The main building of this mosque berdenah rectangular with a roof or a 5-story apartment known as the roof of an overlap, the top three levels of the same pointy, there is a high tower approximately 23 m shaped like a lighthouse, in ancient times used as a place adzan and a tower of view to off-shore.

Around the Grand Mosque is the tomb of Sultan Agung and the Sultanate of Banten fighters who have contributed to spread religion
Islam. Grand Mosque on the left there is "Pasarean Sedakingkin". Marched from the west end to the east, the tomb of Sultan
Abdul Fatah, Maulana muhammad Nasrudin, Prince Consort of Queen Maulana Hasanuddin, Panembahan Sorosowan, Sultan Abdul Fadal, Sultan An Abdulkahar Nash. This grand mosque is located in kasemen district, about 10 Km from the center of Serang.

Complex Mausoleum of Sultan Maulana Yusuf
Maulana Yusuf was the second Sultan of Banten Banten kingdoms leading from the year 1570 sd 1580. He is the son of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin. Sultan Maulana Yusuf lot of merit in the field of agriculture.

His tomb is located in the village of Gede Pekalangan, Kasemen Sub-district, Serang. The location of the tomb is located in the middle of rice field area, not far from the road leading to the Old Banten. The distance from the city center to the location of Serang tomb complex is approximately 6 km.

Shrine Boen San Bio
Boen San Bio Shrine located in the New Market road, kranjaya Sub-District, District Karawaci, Tangerang. Founded in 1689 which is a Buddhist place of worship and Confucianism. The oldest pagoda in Banten and famous pecunnya tradition.

Tjoe Soe monastery Kong / Shrine Tanjung Kait

Soe Tjoe Kong Shrine is located in the coastal area of Tanjung Kait, on land about 10,000 square meters, the chronology of the establishment of this building is not known. The concept of building this temple or pagoda is based on specific rules as set out in the Buddhist religion, not far from the location of this temple is the tomb of Goddess Neng, mbah Rahman, Aki Brosut and others.

Vihara Avalokitesvara

Avalokitesvara Shrine is one of the oldest temples in Indonesia that was built around the 16th century, inside there is a statue DewiKwan Lim relic of the Emperor of China Dynasti Sun The monastery is still functioning as a place of Buddhist worship. Located in Kampung Kasunyatan, Village Kasemen Banten, Serang city, location is adjacent to Fort Spelweijk.

Grave Prince Keep the ocean / Island Cups
Keep the Sea Prince was the son of the Sultan of Banten from another wife (not the queen Nyi Ayu Kirana). He was one of the great scholars of Banten, which spread Islam in the northern coastal region banten. Located in the village Kronjo District.

Grave Keramat Solear
Sacred tombs is the tomb of Sheikh Solear Lahab ibn mas Eve an Islamic religious figure. Solear Sacred Tomb area is forest and inhabited by hundreds of monkeys, which is located in District Solear, Tangerang District, 16 km from Tigaraksa, can drive two and four wheels.

Mosque Salafiah Caringin
This mosque was founded around the year 1884 by residents bergotongroyong Caringin the Ulama headed by Sheikh Asnawi, not far from the mosque is the tomb Caringin KH. Asnawi (Asnawi Bin Sheikh Abdul Rohman). Which is located on the beach, the Village District Caringin Labuan, Pandeglang District.

Grave Keramat Cikadueun
The main tombs in this complex are the tombs of the Sultan Haji Abunashr or, penziarahan location is located in the village Cikadeun, Sub Saketi, Pandeglang district, the local community called maulana Mansyur (because a lot of helpful people).

Tomb of Kyai Haji Wasyid
Kyai Wasyid Hajj is one of the persistent scholar opposes Banten is leading the battle Belanda.Ulama Geger Cilegon, but the battle is Geger Cilegon He died. His tomb is located in the village jombang Wetan Cilegon.

The birth place of Sheikh Nawawi Tanara
Sheikh Nawawi al Bantani Tanara, Tanara was born in the village (east of the city of Serang) in the year 1813 AD, During his life until death in Mecca in 1897 AD at the age of 84 years and Ma'la and was buried in Mecca. He has produced many books and studies guided scholars.

Mosque Kasunyatan
This mosque was used by scholars from various regions archipelago to learn and deepen the Islamic religion. Besides building the tomb of Queen masjidterdapat Grave Asyiah and other Banten Sultanate. Kasunyatan village located in Serang city Kasemen District 2 KM south of the Great Mosque.

Mosque Kenari
Building an Islamic Antiquities from the Sultan Abdul Qadir Abdul Mufachir Mahmud, Sultan of Banten in which there are four who used to park where the rest of the sultan's family. Besides the tomb of Sultan Abdul Machmud Mufachir there is also the mother of the Emperor's tomb. The mosque is located in the Village District Canary Kasemen approximately 7 hours from the town of Serang.

Grave Yang Sani / Sites
Is a complex sub Cemetery in Long Island with a character named Yang buried Sani. This location can be reached by boat Karangantu Harbor motordari for about 45 minutes. Great-Sani is one of the scholars of Islam spreaders in Long Island. Sani tomb Measuring 1.05 meters.

Tomb of Sheikh Muhammad bin Sholeh Abdurohman (Mount Santri)
Mausoleum of Sheikh Muhammad bin Sholeh Abdurohman or better known as Mount Santri Penziarahan located on the summit of Mount Bojonegara Santri in Serang district is located on the northwest coast north, 25 km from the town of Serang, or about 7 km from the town of Cilegon.

Grave Ki Jong & Mas Agus ju / Banten Girang Site
Banten is thrilled that the former estimated the city began to stand in the 10th century and reached its peak 13-14 centuries BC. To achieve Banten Girang can be taken through the streets toward Pandeglang, until the village Sempu then passed the road about 100 m across Cibanten River, opposite this river there Girang Banten site.

Masjid Singadaru
This tomb complex is located on the street Ki Uju Gg. Gozali Kaujon Serang, this area of about 1 hectare adjacent to the north bordering the trenches who allegedly used a river. Grave of TB. Abdurrahman or the title of Prince Singadaru, which mean "like a flash of light" is a genealogy of the descendants of Sultan Hasanuddin seventh.

Mr Sharif Ki Grave Penancangan
This tomb complex is adjacent to the north Stadium Panancangan Maulana Yusuf Serang, and a public funeral with an area of about 1 hectare. People are buried in the cupola is a descendant of Sharif / Ayip, including a well-respected figure in his time, like Rubi Sharif who had been a Regent of Bogor, Kijakrama been a prosecutor in the sultanate.

Grave Karundang Cipager Keramat
At this location there are several tombs scattered in several places at a short distance apart. There are 17 pieces in this tomb, including a 9 grave tomb group permanently shaded cone-shaped house with the main tomb R. Mas Hasani. The most famous tomb is the tomb of Ki Yang Srubut or Srudug.

Grave Sheikh TB. Sheikh Ahmad & TB. Chuluk (Yang tengkele)
This tomb was on the road about 2 Pandeglang Serang Km from Kota Serang of cemetery complex area of 1 hectare. Grave Sheikh TB. Sheikh Ahmad and TB. Chuluk located at the very front of the funeral complex. approximately 300 m to the west of the river there Cibanten fountain water flows from a crack rock called shower mas. Habits of visitors who take a shower, using a small bamboo tube called "Tengkele".

Source: Department of Culture and Tourism of Banten