Saman Dhikr

Dhikr Saman also called Dhikr Mawlood of traditional folk arts, especially in the district of Banten Pandeglang using motion media and song (vocals) and poems that glorify Asthma chanted praise to Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. Based on the literature called Dhikr berkaitanarti Saman Saman since the Eight and was first coined by Syech Saman from Aceh.

Saman Dance from the Sultanate of Banten brought the scholars in the 18th century as a religious ceremony to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Maulud, but on further developments can also be done on selametan ritual circumcision, marriage or selametan home.

Saman Dhikr players numbering between 26 to 46 people. 2 to 4 people as a vocalist who read the Book of poetry "Promises:, while 20 to 40 people who were all male vocals offset by lengikngan voice shouted at each other with (chorus) as Alok.

Dhikr art patterns Saman game done full day with three Babakan, namely: Babakan Dhikr, Babakan Asroqol, and Babakan Saman.


pulsa termurah said...

nice preview..
emang banten sipp, sy jg dari banten serang petir, slm kenal..
(cuma skrng sedang merantau di tanah orang nih... ;-))

The Power of Soul said...

Wah... merantau dimana kang? jangan lupakan banten hehehhe...

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