River Rafting in Lebak Banten Ciberang

Supernal River Lebak Banten, precisely in Kp. Muhara, Cipanas, Lebak Banten provide more than 10 Km pengarungan point to a general group, in fact still be even longer, eg 14 km or 15 km, but after passing the 10 km since the start pengarungan the medanya less challenging and less attractive. Actually there is a path / area jeramnya more powerful reply again but the area was reserved only for those who already have high-flying hours.

Classification of rapids: 2-3 grade, standard mennurut Federation Arum Jeram (FAJI) which refers to American Standard White Water Assocation (AWA), making it suitable for white water rafting, good for family trip or adventure.

Debit Water: The condition of river water Debit Ciberang not be separated from natural forest conditions and the upper reaches, areas Mist Mountain National Park which is still quite awake, so the river Ciberang can be used for white water rafting all year round both back Arau and rainy season.

Environment: area used for white water rafting as a great unspoiled stretch of the riverside, but the longer it is used for many economic activities and development such as agriculture, housing, education and illegal farming.

Access and mileage: Location river rafting tours Ciberang has a point - the point as follows:
Start: village Muhara, Ciladaun Village, Subdistrict Lebak Wear, Kab. Lebak, Banten Provensi.
Finish: Bujal is more, Lebak District Cipanas district.

This location can be accessed from several directions:
1. From Jakarta - Via Blaraja (100km) 2.5 hours Mileage
2. From Jakarta - Via Bogor (110km) 3-4 hrs mileage
3. From Serang - Via Pandeglang Rangkas Bitung (80km) distance 2 hours


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