Batik Banten success in Japan and the U.S.

Batik from Banten Province has now penetrated the Japanese market & the United States (U.S.) because of different motives that are used with similar batik from other regions, so that businesspeople liked these two countries.

Batik crafters Banten, Queen Nelly Fariza in Tangerang, Friday (4 / 9) said his side overwhelmed receive orders from businessmen of both countries after a few years ago doing a trade show for tourism promotion.

"Jakarta Batik motifs also display the coconut trees & various dance cultures that are not found in other batik in Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java & other areas," said Queen Nelly.

According to him, the cause of plenty of enthusiasts because of Banten batik displayed back to the natural & cultural past, including exploring the history of Islam in Banten & painted on cloth with reliefs & ornaments supporters.

Head of Trade of Indonesia Association of Women Entrepreneurs (IWAPI) Center seldom stopped doing promotion abroad Banten batik to invite other crafters.

While the motive which is the symbol Kaibon gate Banten province, has always been inserted in the picture painted batik cloth.

In addition, a green sea with giant waves, crowded markets, & the beauty of the Sunda Strait.

However, in batik painting is mainly as a picture of the history of sailing ship era tempo Banten first triumph.

Business owners in the South Tangerang city involves a quantity of employees & citizens around mengandeng some support for its activities.

Queen Nelly added, batik from Banten also been promoted in Europe & Australia included several other countries in Asia such as Hong Kong & Malaysia.

Batik Banten also been subject to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono & his ministers at the National MTQ kenegaran & mid-June 2008.

In addition, actor Rano Karno, who is now a vice regent of Tangerang Banten batik always use the official event because it's different shades & motifs from other regions. BANTEN TOURISM

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