The Brief Of Banten Province.

Geographically Banten lies near from west java and sumatra island. Banten situated among sumatra, west java and Jakarta with it 9.308.344 population in 2005. Slightly off center and running to the west, there are famous Krakatau volcano which last erupted in 1883.
Lying just 8 degree south of equator, Banten boasts a tropical climate with just two season, wet and dry all year and average annual temperature of around 28 degree celcius. The wide and gently sloping southern hilly, northern coastal region, the main product are coffee , vegetable, etc.
The Bantenese people have strong spiritual roots and their culture is still alive. The main religion is Islam / Moslem which arrive in banten with the spread of Islam through Sumatra and Sulawesi 15th century. Although originally from Arab, the bantenese religion is unique a large number of countries, artist, musician and creating fine art.
The majority of Banten's 2.5 millions people live for the most part in tight village communities with large extended family. The largest town are the capital Serang, Cilegon and Tanggerang in the south.
The main tourist area is Anyer beach. This small sleepy village become a major attraction because of its famed white sand, beaches and water sport creation.

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