Traditional society which still adhere to traditional customs of nomadic tribes who lived in the Village District Baduy LEUWIDAMAR Lebak regency. Baduy community settlements generally located on the watershed Ciujung Mountains Kendeng.

Baduy communities and Bedouin tribes who occupied the area of 5108 ha (the largest village in Banten province) was alienating himself from the outside world and intentionally refused (not affected) by other people, by making the area as a holy and sacred places. But the intensity of their communication is not limited to, woven out of harmony with the community, through the visit.

In meeting the needs of everyday life, people who have a core concept of this simplicity has never expect any help from outside. They are able to autonomously with cultivation and farming (ngahuma),
Sell their unique crafts Baduy, As Koja and Jarog (bags made from the bark Teureup); weaving of scarves, shirts, pants, headband, gloves and machetes / knives, hunting, too. BANTEN TOURISM

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where can i buy the crafts Baduy since i stay at Depok. i really love to wear this crafts eventhough iam not a Bedouin. the simplicity and the uniqueness of the shirts and pants really turn me in love. thanks for the information

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