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Milkfish Sate (Sate Bandeng)
Sate Bandeng
When you walk into Serang, Banten (About 100 Km to west of Jakarta) and want to find a gift as a souvenir to take home, maybe a meal one needs to be an option, the satay of milkfish.
Food that could last 3 to 4 days is very suitable as side dishes of food. To better enjoy it, this one meal should be eaten while still warm.

milkfish @ 500 g
1/2 grated coconut (do not too old coconut)
2 eggs, beat well
Spices that are:
5 pieces of red onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon coriander, toasted
1 tsp pepper

How to make:
Clean fish, remove the meat and prickly, keeping the head, tail, and the fish skin intact.
Puree the fish meat, mixed with shredded coconut s. Stir well, add beaten eggs, stir again until equally. Divided into two parts.
Fill each piece of fish into the body, condense and then sewing so that the contents do not come out. steamed until cooked for + / – 15 minutes. Allow to cool benar2.
Sea bass wrapped in banana leaves next to burn on hot coals.
But now satay of milkfish can be ordered easily, not easily spoiled, because we will be more durable vacuum.
Made from the delicious offerings directly and legit
It is suitable for food served weddings and other ……
Today is booked tomorrow direct transfer
For Big Order “” booked at least 4 days before the event.

Interesting and yummmyyyyyyy ....

Peucang Island at Ujung Kulon

Peucang Island is an island located in the strait Panaitan Pandeglang district of Banten or east of Ujung Kulon National Park. This island with Island and Island Panaitan Handeuleum including areas within Ujung Kulon National Park so that not a few tourists who visit to Taman Ujung Kulon, also visited this island of white sand.

Called peucang takes its name from a kind of snail is often found on the beach. The locals used to call it "eye peucang". The name "peucang" also taken from the name of a kind of deer that inhabit this island.

As part of the area of Ujung Kulon National Park, on the island can be found a variety of animals such as deer (Cervus timorensis), monkey (Macacca Fascicularis), deer, wild pig (Sus verrucosus) and monitor lizards.

Forest Peucang Island is one of the tropical rain forest ecosystem lowlands. Flora in this region of merbau (Intsia bijuga), palahlar (Dipterocarpus haseltii), Lagerstroemia (Lagerstroemia speciosa), luminous (Pterospermum DIVERSIFOLIUM), and ki rain (Engelhardia serrata). There was also a Ficus tree or a strangler fig, a parasitic plant that wrapped around another tree to live. Usually its host tree will die if aranya become adults.

Beach is extremely beautiful island with white sand with the sea green bluish. Blue sea is ideal for swimming events, diving, fishing, or snorkeling.

On this island there is also a waterfall in the Citerjun.

Object attract enough tourists in this island is the Coral Copong is the name of a big dead rock with the hole (copong) located in the northern part of the island.
Here become a favorite place to dive because of the beauty of the seabed and fish diversity. Also a destination for tourists who like fishing.

List of Hotels in Banten

1. Arya Perdana Hotel Jl. Raya Cibareno Bayah (0252)401013
2. Bagedur Hotel Jl. Raya Maligping (0252)508311
3. Empang Hotel Jl. H Mansur No.20 (0252)203593
4. Hikmat Hotel Jl. Raya Malingping (0252)5080208
5. Kharisma Jujuluk Hotel Jl. Raya Jujuluk (0252)201125
6. Ksatria Hotel Jl. Ksatria No.5 Lebak (0252)201208
7. Menanti Hotel Jl. Raya Malingping (0252)48087
8. Pada Asih Hotel Jl. Raya Bayah, Melingping (0252)401620 - 410310
9. Pondok Bagedur Jl. Raya Binuangen, Malingping (0252)508013 - 508043
10. Rahayu Hotel Jl. Raya malingping (0252)805128
11. Sejahtera Hotel Jl. Raya Bayah, Malingping (0252)508034
12. Talanca Hotel Jl. Raya Bayah, Malingping (0252)508040 - 508041
13. Wijaya Hotel Jl. Ki Maklum No.31 Rangkasbitung (0252)201291
14. Wisma Bangkit Jl. Hardiwinangun, Lebak (0252)201005

1. Adria Marina Hotel Jl. Raya Carita (0253)801525
2. Carita Bak-Bak Hotel Jl. Raya Carita Pandeglang (0253)801126
3. Citra Ayu Hotel Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Kec. Labuan (0253)801229
4. Caringin Hotel Jl. Raya Carita Kec. Labuan (0253)801388
5. Citra Ayu Hotel Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan (0253)801229
6. Hegar Prima Hotel Jl. Raya Carita Labuan (0253)801125
7. Kraktau Sea Side Hotel Jl. Raya Carita KM 6 Labuan (0253)801016
8. Karang Sari Hotel Jl. Raya Carita KM 2 Pandeglang (0253)201977
9. Karibia Krakatau Hotel Jl. Tegal Papak (0253)801620 - 8011621
10. Krakatau Otel Jl. Raya Carita KM 8 Labuan (0253)803027
11. Krakatau Surf Hotel Jl. Raya Carita Labuan (0253)803819 - 803851
12. Lagundi Cottage Jl. Raya Carita Pandeglang (0253)801130
13. Luccia Cottage Jl. Raya Carita Labuan (0253)801328 - 8011261
14. Lippo Carita Hotel*** Jl. Raya Carita Labuan Pandeglang (0253)801919
15. Losmen Keraton Jl. Raya Labuan KM 2 Pandeglang (0253)201877
16. Losmen Sunset Niew Jl. Raya Carita KM 14 Labuan (0253)801075
17. Marina Cottage Jl. Raya Carita Pandeglang (0253)801077
18. Mutiara Carita Hotel ** Jl. Raya Carita KM 7 Pandeglang (0253)801069 - 801070
19. Nigua Darma Hotel Jl. Raya Carita Pandeglang (0253)803288
20. Paranti Hotel Jl. Mayor Widagdo 3 Pandeglang (0253)201176
21. Pt Kencan Sinar Semesta Jl. Raya cari KM 4 Labuan (0253)801833
22. Panisan Youth Hotel Jl. Raya Carita labuan (0253)801072
23. Pondok Mario Jl. Raya Carita Pandeglang (0253)801856
24. Pondok Desiana Jl. Raya Labuan Pandeglang (0253)801322
25. Pondok Madu Jl. Raya Carita Labuan (0253)801858
26. Pondok Meifa Jl. Raya carita KM 11 Labuan (0253)201265
27. Pondok Parahyangan Jl. Raya Carita KM 9 Labuan (0253)802193
28. Penginapan Cempaka Sambolo Jl. Raya Carita Labuan HP. 0816844589
29. Pasanggrahan Perhutani Jl. Raya Carita KM 16 Labuan (0253)801324
30. Pulau Umang Resort & Spa Sumur - Pandeglang (0253) 803331 - 803351
31. Resort Pantai Carita **** Jl. Raya Carita Pandeglang (0253)801127
32. Rakata Hotel Jl. Raya Carita KM 9 Labuan (0253)801171
33. Sejahtera Hotel Jl. Letnan Bolang No.1 Pandeglang (0253)201175
34. Surya Surup Indah Hotel Jl. Raya carita Labuan (0253)801075
35. Selat Sunda Hotel Jl. Raya Carita KM 12 Labuan (0253)801814
36. Saung Niki Aki Jl. Raya Carita (0253)801722
37. Sari Laut Hotel Jl. Raya Carita KM 12 Labuan (0253)802147
38. The Bay Villa Resort Kecamatan Panimbang, Pandeglang (0253)801890 - 802900
39. Wisma Pkpri Jl. Raya Labuan KM 3 Pandeglang (0253)201308
40. Wira Carita Hotel Jl. Raya carita KM 9 Pandeglang (0253)801156 - 801116
41. Pondok Kharisma *** Jl. Raya Panimbang, Pandeglang (0253)801650
42. Carita Asri** Jl. Raya Carita KM 7 Pandeglang (0253)802147
43. Guna Sanghyang * Jl. Raya Carita, Pandeglang (0253) 801285

1. Anugrah Hotel Jl. SA. Tirtayasa No.160 Serang (0254)200783
2. Anthony Villa Jl. Raya ulakan Cinangka Serang (0254)650503
3. Avi Redita Villa Jl .Raya Cinangka Anyer, Serang (0254)200761
4. Anyer Cottage*** Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Anyer Serang (0254)601292
5. Abadi Hotel* Jl. Jend Sudirman No. 36 Serang (0254)200641
6. Bukit Pasau Resort** Jl. Raya Anyer Labuan KM No.149 - Serang (0254)650089
7. Bandulu Beach Resort Jl. Raya Bandulu Anyer Serang (0254)601879
8. Bukit Biru Resort Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Cinangka Serang (0254)650623
9. Bintang Semesta Hotel Jl. Raya Kitapa 65 Serang (0254)200193
10. Cjs Hide Way Cottage Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Cinangka Serang (0254)650485
11. Hikmah Hotel Jl. KH Wasid No. 21 Serang (0254)201509
12. Jayakarta Hotel *** Jl. Raya karang Bolong KM 17/135 Anyer (0254)601781 - 230073
13. Kalimaya Resort Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer Serang (0254)601226, 601266
14. Karang Sono Villa Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM 142 Serang (0254)650485
15. Karang Bolong Villa Jl. Raya Cinangka- Serang (0254)650152
16. Kasih Sayang Hotel Jl. SA Tirtayasa 72 Serang (0254)205840
17. Lalita Cottage Jl. Raya Labuan Cinangka 142.5 Anyer (0254)650171
18. Marina Villa Jl. Jl. Raya Cikoneng KM 20 Anyer Serang (0254)601282, 601288
19. Mambruk Hotel *** Jl. Raya Karang Bolong PO BOX 10 Anyer (0254)601602
20. Mahadria Hotel * Jl. Ki Mas jong No. 12 Serang (0254)200527
21. Mandalika Wahana Wisata Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer Serang (0254)601678
22. Mitrasono Hotel Jl. Raya Kramatwatu 1 Serang (0254)601781 - 230073
23. Nuansa Bali Hotel ** Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM.133,5 Anyer (0254)602236
24. Nuansa Bali Beach Hotel ** Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer (0254)602236
25. Patra Anyer Beach Hotel *** Jl. Bandulu PO BOX 01 Anyer Serang (0254)602700
26. PONDOK Tubagus RESORT Jl. Raya Sirih Bandulu Anyer - Serang (0254)601776
27. Pondok Sanghyang Resort Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer - Serang (0254)604835 - 601910
28. Puri Kosambi Resort Jl. Raya Anyer Serang (0254)650180
29. Pondok Lalita Cottage Jl. Raya Labuan Cinangka KM 142,5 serang (0254)650171
30. Puri Retno Cottage Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Cinangka Serang (0254)650192
31. Puri Retno Cottage Ii Jl. Raya Anyer labuan Cinangka KM 149 Serang (0254)650201 - 650194
32. Prince Shiella Cottage Jl. Raya Bandulu Anyer (0254)601591
33. Pesona Krakatau Hotel ** Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM 144 Anyer Serang (0254)651333
34. Pisita Beach Hotel Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer (0254)601224
35. Permay Beach Hotel Jl. Raya karang Bolong No.9 Anyer (0254)650204
36. Pangestu Hotel Jl. Jend Ahmad YaniNo.55 Serang (0254)200001
37. Pondok Ciparay Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Cinangka KM 137 Anyer (0254)600069 - 650432
38. Pondok Tubagus Jl. Raya Sirih Bandulu Anyer (0254)601776
39. Pondok Tumaritis Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)650229
40. Pondok Layung ** Jl. Anyer Bandulu Serang (0254)601660
41. Pondok Way Kunang Jl. Raya Pegadungan Anyer (0254)601227
42. Pondok Alisa Jl. Raya Pegadungan Anyer (0254)601430 - 280085
43. Pondok Pantai Anyer Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer - Serang (0254)601582
44. Pondok Sanghyang Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer - Serang (0254)604835, 601910
45. Ryugu Beach Hotel Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Anyer (0254)601280
46. Rokan Beach Otel Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Anyer (0254)650410
47. Royal Srikandi Hotel Jl. SA. Tirtayasa 104 Serang (0254)211057
48. Sanghyang Indah Resort Jl. Raya Sirih KM 128 Anyer Serang (0254)601292
49. Samefil Villa Jl. Kamasan Cinangka - Serang (0254)601729 - 601731
50. Siyoni Sea Side Cottage Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Cinangka Serang (0254)601896
51. Sol Elite Marbella Hotel ***** Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM 133,5 Anyer (0254) 602345
52. Sindang Maya Hotel Jl. Raya Cinangka - Serang (0254) 600078
53. Sri Agung Hotel Jl. Raya Cilegon 77 Serang (0254)204126
54. Surya Hotel Jl. SA Tirtayasa 22 Serang (0254)201483
55. Surabaya Hotel Jl. Mayor Safei No.59 Serang (0254)571852
56. Tambang Ayam Cottage Jl. Raya Anyer Cikoneng - Serang (0254)602288
57. Taverno Villa Jl. Raya Anyer Cikoneng - Serang (0254)601288 - 602881
58. Tri Murti Villa Jl. Raya Pagadungan Anyer (0254)601231 - 601429
59. The Banten Beach Resot Jl. Raya Sirih KM 15 Anyer Serang (0254)600982
60. Taman Sari Hotel Jl. SA Tirtayasa No.122 Serang (0254)204184
61. Villa Baduy Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer (0254)601500
62. Vj Kevin Villa Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)650274
63. Wisata Baru Hotel Jl. Maulana Yusuf No.16 Serang (0254)200770 - 200447
64. Wisma Parikesit Jl. Raya Anyer Cikoneng Serang (0254)600681
65. Wisma Korpri Serang Jl. Jend A Yani No 12 serang (0254)200252
66. Wisma Bkm Jl. Jend A Yani No 8 Serang (0254)200936
67. Wisma Pkpn Jl. Cigabus Pasar Rau Serang (0254)202683
68. Le Dian **** Jl. Jend Sudirman no88 serang (0254)229888

Kabupaten Tangerang
1. Imperial Arya Duta ***** Lippo Karawaci Tangerang (021)5460101

Kota Tangerang
1. Fm 3 Transit Hotel *** Jl. MH Thamrin Cikokol Tangerang (021)55121173
2. Istana Nelayan Hotel *** Jl. Gatot Subroto Jatiuwung Tangerang (021)556654377
3. Sheraton Bandara Hotel ***** Bandara Soekarno Hatta PO BOX 1198, Tangerang (021)5597777

Kota Cilegon
1. Indogriya Resort Jl. Yos Sudarso KM 1 Merak (0254)572037 - 572878
2. Cilegon City Hotel *** Jl. KH Yassin Beji No. 19 Cilegon (0254)393325
3. Cilegon Hotel Jl. Jombang wetan No. 80 Cilegon (0254)391962
4. Ferry Merak Hotel *** Jl. Raya pelabuhan Merak No.30 Cilegon (0254)571529 - 572081 - 82
5. Gondang Hotel Jl. Raya Tirtayasa No 118 Cilegon (0254)391787 - 395450
6. Kalyana Mitta Hotel Jl. Raya Cilegon No.50 Cilegon (0254)391951 - 391851
7. Merak Beach Hotel ** Jl. Raya Merak Cilegon (0254)571015 - 571448
8. Merpati Hotel ** Jl. Raya Merak KM 119 Cilegon (0254)570234 - 571678
9. Nhsa Hotel Jl. Gerem Raya Samping Pintu Tol Cilegon (0254)573614
10. Pulorida Cottage ** Jl. Raya Suralaya Merak (0254)571250
11. Permata Krakatau Hotel ** Jl. KH Yassin Beji No.4 Cilegon (0254)396807 - 396808
12. Regent Hotel Jl. Raya Serang No.34 Cilegon (0254)392107 - 391555
13. Sari Kuring Hotel Jl. Raya serang KM 3 Cilegon (0254)388444 - 389444
14. Sulawesi Hotel Jl. Raya Pelabuhan Mjerak Cilegon (0254)570268
15. Sukma Hotel Jl. Raya Serang No.34 Cilegon (0254)391268 - 392470
16. Surabaya Ismi Hotel Jl. Raya Merak 59 Cilegon (0254)571126
17. Violeta Hotel Jl. Raya Pulorida No.54 Cilegon (0254)571647

Source : Kaskusers

List of Restaurants in Banten

1. Baranang Siang, Jl. Raya Pandeglang, Lebak, (0252)206701

1. Penineungan 1 Jl. Ahmad Yani (0253)201326
2. Penineungan 2 Jl. AMD Pandeglang (0253)201752
3. Ibu Eni Jl. Jl. Raya Labuan KM 14 (0253)401163
4. Rika Telaga Sari Jl. Jl. Raya Labuan KM 12 (0253)401356
5 Saung Salira Jl. A. Yani No.50 (0253)203210
6. Maya Jl. Raya Carita KM 10 (0253)801072
7. Kasih Bundo Jl. Raya Labuan (0253)803154
8. Kemah Mobil Jl Raya Carita KM 10 (0253)801607
9. Valentine dan Galeri Jl. Raya Carita Sukajadi (0253)801064
10. Khas Sinda Jl. Raya Ciater Labuan (0253)801722
11. Pak Kumis Jl. Raya Labuan (0253)801579
12. Nyentil Jl. Raya Carita Sukajadi (0253)801080
13. Tanjung Lesung Jl. Citeurep Panimbang (0253)802900 -802890
14. Pantai Carita Jl. Raya Carita (0253)802222
15. Kharisma Jl. Panimbang (0253)801650
16. Mutiara Carita Jl. Raya Carita (0253)801069 - 801070
17. Pondok Carita Asri Jl. Raya carita KM 12 (0253)802347
18. Guna Sanghiang Jl. Raya Carita (0253)801295
19. Carita Krakatau Food Jl. Raya Carita (0253)803027
20. Niki Aki Jl. Raya Carita KM 11 (0253)801722

1. Saiki Jl. Tb Buang no 47 Serang (0254)202024
2. Jaya Kuring Jl. Tb Buang No 45 Serang (0254)202024
3. Sari Rasa Jl. Jend Sudirman No.2 Serang (0254)201903
4. "S" Rizky Jl. Kh A. Fatah Ciceri - Serang (0254)204764
5. Hana Jl. Raya Kamasan Anyer - Serang (0254)650111
6. Midori Japanese Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer - Serang (0254)601974
7. Valentine Da Mar Sea Jl. Raya bandulu Anyer - Serang (0254)600292
8. Graha Ayu Purnama Jl. Raya Karang Bolong, Cinangka - Serang (0254)650018
9. Elbe Jl. Raya Bandulu Anyer - Serang (0254)602173
10. Bulan Biru Jl. Raya Karang Bolong, Cinangka - Serang (0254)601590
11. Pondok Sanghiang Jl. Raya Cikoneng Anyer (0254)604835
12. Bukit Pasau Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)650089
13. Gudeg Yogya Jl. Jend Sudirman Serang (0254)205818
14. Sampurna Jl. Ahmad Yani Serang (0254)203200
15. Pujasera Jl. Raya Cilegon Kepandean - Serang (0254)200652
16. Sederhana Komp. PDAM, Kedalingan (0254)206479
17. Sari Suda Jl. Kh Sochari No. 55 Serang (0254)203290
18. Pondok Alis Jl. Veteran no.94 Serang (0254)200968
19. Ayam Goreng Royal Jl.Letnan Jidun Serang (0254)202302
20. Ratu Sari Oshin Jl. Raya Cilegon Kepandean, Serang (0254)211272
21. Family Uduk Jl. Raya Jakarta KM 4 Parung (0254)280570
22. Pondok Ulam Sari Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)600206
23. Pantai Patra Sambolo Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)602400
24. Mbok Sarikah Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)600041
25. Pondok Sekar Sari Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)600184
26. Pondok Cirebon Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)601953
27. Pondok Khas Makasar Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)601720
28. Pondok Beringin Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)600861
29. Pondok M Chiko 2000 Jl. Raya Sirih Anyer (0254)603116
30. Bandulu Indah Jl. Raya Bandulu Anyer (0254)601878
31. "99" Jl. Raya Bandulu Anyer (0254)600066
32. Flamboyan Jl. Raya Bandulu Anyer (0254)602388
33. Senang Sari Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)600103
34. Saung Nunggul Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)650837
35. Pondok Ciparay Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)600069
36. Bulakan Jl. Raya Cinangka Serang (0254)650545
37. Sekar Sari Jl. Raya Pandeglang , Palima (0254)250555
38. Karang Kitri Jl. Raya Pandeglang, Baros (0254)250176
39. Mamayu Jl. Raya Pandeglang, Baros (0254)250145
40. Saung Paramitra Jl. Raya Pandeglang, Baros (0254)250033

Kabupaten Tangerang
1. Pasifik Jaya Taman Sari Lippo Karawaci
2. Kura-Kura Pondok Laut Taman Sari Lippo Karawaci
3. Cipta Rasa Multi Selera Taman Sari Lippo Karawaci
4. Restoran Tiga Samudra Taman Sari Lippo Karawaci
5. Rm. Pakjo Jl. Raya Serpong KM 8,5 No. 25
6. Swike Asli Japos Jl. Raya Serpong BSD Blok V2 Sek 1-2, Serpong
7. Sari Kuring Ruko Sek IV Blok C BSD, Serpong
8. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Kav CBD Blok A No.5 Bintaro
9. Rhezz Dan Chell Bintaro Utama Blok DD Bintaro
10. Bakmi Keriting Bintaro III Blok DD/12, Bintaro
11. Waroeng Satoe Jl. Puspitek No.38, Pamulang
12. Tasa Group Jl. Salak No.5 Pdk bd Pamulang
13. Restoran Citra Abadi Jaya Blok GI/30 A Lt Dasar Citra Raya
14. Rm. Sate Kambing Muda Jl. Pondok Rani No.10 Pondok Aren

Kota Tangerang
1. Rm. Kelapa Kuning Jl. Daan Mogot No. 29
2. Rm. Solo Jl. Bandeng Raya No.195
3. Rm. Medan 89 Taman Cibodas Blok AV No.13 Jatiuwung
4. Bubur Ayam Jl. Taman Cibodas Blok C6 No.9 Jatiuwung
5. Rm. Batu Jaya Batu Sari Timur RT2/2 Batu Ceper Tangerang
6. Bina Nusantara Komp. Mahkota Mas Blok A No.47
7. Rm. Sunda Cianjur Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No.252
8. Nasi Campur Medan Jl. Baharudin 2 Cikokol
9. Mi Ayam Mahkota Komp Mahkota Mas Blok J No. 27
10. Ayam Goreng Borobudur Jl. MT Haryono 19 Sukasari
11. Rm. Anda Jl. Husen Sastranegara RT4/3
12. Rm. Lubuk Kemuning Indah Jl. Halim Perdana Kusuma No.64
13. Rm. Raos Jl. Imam Bonjol 71
14. Rm. 99 Jl. Imam Bonjol 17
15. Rm Sari Indah Ruko Duta Mas Blok 1 No.2 Jatiuwung
16. Rm. Podo Asih Jl. Ki Asnawi No.776
17. Rm. Nasi Campur Pontianak Jl. Baharudin No.125
18. Pondok Sate Mas Agung Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari 74 Jatiuwung
19. Rm. Putri Pinang Jl. M Toha KM.38 Sangiang
20. Rm. Pondok Samudra Biru Ruko Mahkota Mas Blok C No.11
21. Rm. Pondok Cipta Rasa Jl. Merdeka 250
22.. Rm. 2 Merpati Jl. Griya S Mas Blok B2/12
23. Rm. Roda Hidup Jl. Ki Asnawi 88
24. Rm. Mede Indah Jl. M Toha RT.2/4 Pabuaran
25. Restoran Korin Duta Mas Plaza Blok A.4 Taman Cibodas
26. Rm. Sate Dan Sop Wahab Jl. Raya Imam Bonjol RT.2/4
27. Rm. Lembur Kuring Jl. Benda Raya No.88 RT.4/4

Kota Cilegon
1. Cafe De Paris, Jl. Raya Anyer No.7, (0254)393009
2. Hanna, Jl. SA Tirtayasa 102, (0254)398013
3. Kamibana, Jl. Raya Serang PCI Cilegon, (0254)392631
4. Kantin Edi, Jl. SA. Tirtayasa 88, (0254)391728
5. Makasar, Jl. Raya Serang, (0254)380233
6. Pizza Hut, Jl. Raya Merak No.49 Ruko C, (0254)395231
7. Rest. Japanese Yasinome Gonbe, Komp Ruko Pondok Cilegon Indah, (0254)381333
8. Restoran Dinasty, Jl. Simpang Tiga No.23 Cilegon, (0254)39270-391894
9. Restoran Japanese Gonta, Jl. KH Yasin Beiji 06, (0254)384085
10. Restoran Korea, Jl. Simpang Tiga No. 102 Cilegon, (0254)398013
11. Restoran Mexico Amigos, Komp Bonakarta Jl. Raya Merak No.49, (0254)395235 - 395237
12. Restoran Miami, Jl. SA Tirtayasa, (0254)392301
13. Restoran Saiki, Jl. Jend A Yani 2 Cilegon, (0254)391195
14. Restoran Sate Cilegon Jl. Raya Anyer No.119 (0254)391324
15. Rm. Makasar, Jl. Raya Sukma Jaya KM I, (0254)380233 - 380244
16. Rm. Sari Kuring Indah, Jl. Raya Serang KM.3, (0254)391402 - 391403
17. Rm. Simpang Raya, Cilegon Jl. Raya Merak No.16 Cilegon, (0254)392632
18. Rm. Tunggal Cirebon, Jl. Raya Anyer No.27 Ciwandan, (0254)601065
19. Rm. Warung Asem, Jl. Anyer Samang Raya RT.2/2, (0254)602041
20. Rm. Jateng Kalasan, Jl. Simpang Tiga 93 Cilegon, (0254)398406 - 392325
21. Shatsuki Restoran, Komp BonakartaBlok A 38-40, (0254)387365

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Avalokiteshvara Chinese Temple

Avalokiteshvara Chinese Temple
Avalokiteshvara temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Banten. This temple is built around 1860 and successfully renovated at 1930. It's so unique place, since it situated in the front of Speelwijk Fort. The visitors can stay here during their trip to Banten. Simple and humble place to stay but it's one of the option whenever we're in Banten.

Speelwijk Fort and Cemeteries

This fortress is sited in the north west of Surosowan, Pamarican village. Fort Speelwijk was built in 1682 by VOC and expanded in 1685 and 1731 to control the activities of the Banten kingdom and protect the Dutch interests at Banten. Situated not so far from Chinese temple Avalokiteshvara, this fortress directly facing to the sea. From this point, the Dutch troopers was watching and guarding the fort from pirates and local heroes. Inside the fortress, there's an Old Dutch cemetery. One of the buried bodies is a man who was born in Bergen-op-Zoom in 17th century. The Ruin of fortress implies that it was a great fortress in Banten, height about 5 meters and length of each side of 80 meters; also the canal for defense surrounded it. It has four bastions that still stand sturdily.

Baduy Cultural Conservation

The Baduy community in Banten is an utterly unique and closed society, which can be reached via a 10 km village road from either Cibolegar or Cibungur village in Leuwidamar district. The 50 km road from Rangkasbitung is steep. In April and May, the Baduy community is closed to outsiders, as during this time it commemorates certain ceremonies, called Seba, the offering of part of their agricultural products to the Head of the District, Sub-Regent and the Chief Resident. During this ceremony the "Puun of Baduy" sends out a group of representatives of Baduy Dalam people as well as Baduy Luar to act as the community's spokesmen. When conducting this Seba ceremony the Baduy Dalam members refuse to ride any vehicle, instead, the distance of150 km is traveled on foot as proof of their perseverance. To enter this very special Baduy area, one should obtain written permission from the Rangkasbitung District Office stating the purpose of the visit, which may take one whole week to process.

Surosowan Palace - Fortress

Surosowan Palace was built during the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1525-1552). Most of buildings were totally damaged during an attack lead by the Dutch Governor General Daendels in 1808. To the south of the square lay the impressive Surosowan Palace, designed by a Dutchman and later razed by his countrymen. The Surosuwan Palace was pulled down by blasted attack of Daendels because Sultan Syaifudin refused strongly of Daendels' order of Grootepostweg project that begun from Anyer to Panarukan and order to develop new port in Lada Bay. Even, Sultan flapped Du Puy off, a vice officer of Daendels, and sent his head to Daendels. Daendels was getting up set, and then he demolished the Surosuwan and Kaibon Palace. Now becomes ruins, leave the red bricks and several sites. Like water castle, the alleys and the moats.


Imagine, in every year there are 1.3 billion people passing by, day trips to foreign countries. How many people who stop in Indonesia? Data from the World Tourism Organization revealed, only 4 million people, or only about 0.3 percent of all foreign tourists (tourists) who come to Indonesia. While Malaysia visited 14.7 million people (1.1 percent) and Thailand's 15 million people (1.2 percent). So, how many foreign tourists visiting the province of Banten?

Tourists who visited Jakarta in 2006, was 150 thousand people, and they even had a target of Banten Community Tourism Board (BCTB). Then why not BCTB targeting foreign tourists visit 1 or 2 million people, are not eligible to Banten became the main destination of foreign tourists. Apparently Banten has a diverse tourism potential and world class, but still not pengelolannya professional. Not only can compete with Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore, the Bali or Yogyakarta is still far behind.

Potential latent

Jakarta has a variety of attractions, ranging from nautical tourism (Carita Beach, Tanjung Lesung, Umang Island, Anyer), tourism (Ujung Kulon, Krakatoa Island Mount and), cultural tourism (Baduy), religious tourism (Mesjin Great) and tourism expenditure ( Cilegon, Serpong).

Banten natural resources have a strong appeal, it causes the Arab nations, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch a few centuries ago stopped in Banten. Thus the actual existence of Jakarta has long been global. Between the years 1525 - 1808, starting from the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (son of Sunan Cirebon Gunungjati) until the time of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, Banten kingdom known as much visited by strangers or 'tourists'. At that time Banten became open territory for the international business, so many foreign trade office opened. Even the Arab villages, India, China and Japan were already there. Then why the ability 'to global' Banten few centuries ago, far superior now?

Judging from the social aspects of culture, since a few centuries ago the people of Banten known to be very open. As the impact of openness to reach the heyday of Banten, partly because of the harmonious co-operation exists between native and immigrant. On the other hand, Banten also experiencing deterioration due to its openness, especially against the Dutch. Dutch Government in 1808 under the leadership of undermining Daendels Surosowan Palace at around Banten Lama, acquire and move the royal seat of government to Serang. Since then Jakarta experienced deterioration in all areas, until finally Banten under the auspices of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). As a province that is still 'a child' (6 years), Banten tried to explore the historical values to be the spirit of resurrection, so they can level with the provinces the most advanced.

In addition to natural resources (SDA) and human resources (HR), the potential of historical Jakarta was still buried. And for the development of tourism, all three need to disinergikan through professional management.

Need Investment

Active participation of the provincial government, district governments and city governments in the field of tourism needs to be increased again. As the agricultural sector and industrial growth has stagnated, the tourism sector needs serious attention. Harmonious cooperation between the government with the tourism industry managers need to be developed again, do not let their own ways. Local Government should not merely pursuing local revenue (PAD), as well as managing the tourism industry such as hotel managers, restaurant and travel agency should not only pursue profits for a moment.

Tourism such as plant longevity fruit, to produce a thick fruit within as long as possible, it is necessary to fertilizing, watering, and pest and disease control. Similarly, tourism, so 'dense fruit' as long as possible, it is necessary investments such as infrastructure, human resource development and promotion of sustainable development.

Tourism infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports need to be prepared to seriously. Conditions such as damaged roads and between Cilegon Anyer beach, between Pandeglang-Labuan-Panimbang-Cape Lesung and wells will discourage prospective tourists to visit these attractions. Thus, the target of 150 thousand foreign tourists, 1 million Wisnu (tourists) and 2.5 million wislok (domestic tourists) who will visit the various attractions in Banten difficult to achieve.

The development of tourism human resources needs work too seriously. Given the number of poor people and unemployment in Banten Province was still high, then the local human resource development needs serious attention. In fact almost all the leading attractions in Banten, for more strategic position to employ migrants. If allowed to drag on so this could trigger social jealousy, so that the social environment is not conducive to tourism.

For managing the tourism industry is good to invest in the development of local resources, such as providing scholarships for outstanding community to take higher education tourism, provide basic training on tourism. In this case it's good imitation of Banten Bali and Yogyakarta, where the local tourism industry involving many local resources, so that the values of local cultural tourism activities more colors. It is now the era of globalization, but globalization behind tribalisasi there are strong currents, namely the tendency of interest in things that are getting stronger locally.

Need Promotions

Investment in promotion is also very important, as good as any tourist attraction and management of any seprofesional, without telling the promotion of tourism industry will not grow. In this case could learn from Malaysia, which was heavily promoting the 'sophistication' tourism, either through the embassy, television, newspapers and the Internet. Similarly, Singapore and Australia, are 'industrious' to promote tourism in Indonesia. So no wonder that tourists who travel from Indonesia to Malaysia almost reached 800 thousand people per year (data from 'The World Travel and Tourism Council'), several thousand of whom are people of Banten.

For the development of tourism in 2006, the Government of Banten province has allocated a budget of Rp. 1.2 billion for the promotion. The budget is relatively small when watching the target 150 thousand visits Wisman, Vishnu and 1 million 2.5 million Wislok, with a revenue target of 45 million dollars from the U.S. `Wisman (assuming an average visit 2 days) and Rp 875 billion from Wisman and Wislok (data from BCTB). To enhance tourism promotion activities, local government managers need to hold the tourism industry, it is necessary to have a positive interaction between the government of Banten Province, Regency (Serang, Pandeglang, Lebak, Tangerang), City Government (Cilegon, Tangerang), with Asita (Tourism Association), ( Union of Hotel and Restaurant Indonesia), and the perpetrator other tourism industry managers.

Countries that become targets promotion should be identified carefully. Some countries such as Singapore, Japan and Taiwan is the largest sending countries of foreign tourists to Indonesia. If adequate budget, quite effective if made tourism ads that aired on television stations in those countries. Referring to the historical value, there's nothing wrong if you try to promote tourism in Banten Arab countries, China, India, Portuguese, Spanish and English, for a few centuries ago Banten never have a 'special relationship' with those countries, who knows a lot citizens who wish to trace their ancestors.

Banten tourism development is not easy, it takes intelligence, innovation and creativity in its management. Hopefully Banten tourism development efforts not only limited to ideas, opinions, seminars or workshops alone, in this case the required actions and proactive steps

Anyer - Carita - Tanjung Lesung - Pulau Umang

Of serang regency and  Pandeglang regency. The sore that provide a peaceful respite for you. many stars and non stars hotels, homestays, restaurant and other amenities will suite you. Try the water ski, jet ski, banana boat, canoe and other type of your favorite water sport. Two years after eruption of krakatau volcano, the new 75.5 meter high lighthouse was built in anyer beach. at the starting point if 1000 Km Deandels road, connecting Anyer to Panarukan made on year 1881. Tanjung lesung and Umang island area also is the good destination in southern of the shore.

Saman Dhikr

Dhikr Saman also called Dhikr Mawlood of traditional folk arts, especially in the district of Banten Pandeglang using motion media and song (vocals) and poems that glorify Asthma chanted praise to Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. Based on the literature called Dhikr berkaitanarti Saman Saman since the Eight and was first coined by Syech Saman from Aceh.

Saman Dance from the Sultanate of Banten brought the scholars in the 18th century as a religious ceremony to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Maulud, but on further developments can also be done on selametan ritual circumcision, marriage or selametan home.

Saman Dhikr players numbering between 26 to 46 people. 2 to 4 people as a vocalist who read the Book of poetry "Promises:, while 20 to 40 people who were all male vocals offset by lengikngan voice shouted at each other with (chorus) as Alok.

Dhikr art patterns Saman game done full day with three Babakan, namely: Babakan Dhikr, Babakan Asroqol, and Babakan Saman.

Wayang Garing

Wayang Garing is not the kind of performance that rests on the play, but on a direct line of guyon involving urination owner (the committee) and the audience. Like theater performances, puppet-like crunchy "poor theater" that explores the limitations Artaud to maximize what you have. Wayang Garing not some fairy tale that tells a story, but the conversation was a mastermind behind the audience about real life in the middle of the mastermind ki society.

Wayang Garing is very different from the shadow puppets in Yogyakarta or puppet show in West Java. Shadow puppet theater Stanislavski is very faithful to the play, while the puppet show is similar to Brecht's theater of exile with the shuffle play jokes. The difference is in itself reflects the cultural and community characteristics that support each of these arts. The nature of a very populist, egalitarian, with a multicultural language, play and guyon composition, rhythm and crisp standard puppet show is not easy to find in the types of other puppets.

Tour Ziarah Banten

Masjid Agung Banten
The Great Mosque is located on the west plaza of Banten, over an area of 0.13 hectares. Was first established in the
reign of Sultan Hasanuddin maulana in 1566, or the date of Dhul-Hijjah 966 H 5 resumed in the Government
Sultan maulana Yusuf. The main building of this mosque berdenah rectangular with a roof or a 5-story apartment known as the roof of an overlap, the top three levels of the same pointy, there is a high tower approximately 23 m shaped like a lighthouse, in ancient times used as a place adzan and a tower of view to off-shore.

Around the Grand Mosque is the tomb of Sultan Agung and the Sultanate of Banten fighters who have contributed to spread religion
Islam. Grand Mosque on the left there is "Pasarean Sedakingkin". Marched from the west end to the east, the tomb of Sultan
Abdul Fatah, Maulana muhammad Nasrudin, Prince Consort of Queen Maulana Hasanuddin, Panembahan Sorosowan, Sultan Abdul Fadal, Sultan An Abdulkahar Nash. This grand mosque is located in kasemen district, about 10 Km from the center of Serang.

Complex Mausoleum of Sultan Maulana Yusuf
Maulana Yusuf was the second Sultan of Banten Banten kingdoms leading from the year 1570 sd 1580. He is the son of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin. Sultan Maulana Yusuf lot of merit in the field of agriculture.

His tomb is located in the village of Gede Pekalangan, Kasemen Sub-district, Serang. The location of the tomb is located in the middle of rice field area, not far from the road leading to the Old Banten. The distance from the city center to the location of Serang tomb complex is approximately 6 km.

Shrine Boen San Bio
Boen San Bio Shrine located in the New Market road, kranjaya Sub-District, District Karawaci, Tangerang. Founded in 1689 which is a Buddhist place of worship and Confucianism. The oldest pagoda in Banten and famous pecunnya tradition.

Tjoe Soe monastery Kong / Shrine Tanjung Kait

Soe Tjoe Kong Shrine is located in the coastal area of Tanjung Kait, on land about 10,000 square meters, the chronology of the establishment of this building is not known. The concept of building this temple or pagoda is based on specific rules as set out in the Buddhist religion, not far from the location of this temple is the tomb of Goddess Neng, mbah Rahman, Aki Brosut and others.

Vihara Avalokitesvara

Avalokitesvara Shrine is one of the oldest temples in Indonesia that was built around the 16th century, inside there is a statue DewiKwan Lim relic of the Emperor of China Dynasti Sun The monastery is still functioning as a place of Buddhist worship. Located in Kampung Kasunyatan, Village Kasemen Banten, Serang city, location is adjacent to Fort Spelweijk.

Grave Prince Keep the ocean / Island Cups
Keep the Sea Prince was the son of the Sultan of Banten from another wife (not the queen Nyi Ayu Kirana). He was one of the great scholars of Banten, which spread Islam in the northern coastal region banten. Located in the village Kronjo District.

Grave Keramat Solear
Sacred tombs is the tomb of Sheikh Solear Lahab ibn mas Eve an Islamic religious figure. Solear Sacred Tomb area is forest and inhabited by hundreds of monkeys, which is located in District Solear, Tangerang District, 16 km from Tigaraksa, can drive two and four wheels.

Mosque Salafiah Caringin
This mosque was founded around the year 1884 by residents bergotongroyong Caringin the Ulama headed by Sheikh Asnawi, not far from the mosque is the tomb Caringin KH. Asnawi (Asnawi Bin Sheikh Abdul Rohman). Which is located on the beach, the Village District Caringin Labuan, Pandeglang District.

Grave Keramat Cikadueun
The main tombs in this complex are the tombs of the Sultan Haji Abunashr or, penziarahan location is located in the village Cikadeun, Sub Saketi, Pandeglang district, the local community called maulana Mansyur (because a lot of helpful people).

Tomb of Kyai Haji Wasyid
Kyai Wasyid Hajj is one of the persistent scholar opposes Banten is leading the battle Belanda.Ulama Geger Cilegon, but the battle is Geger Cilegon He died. His tomb is located in the village jombang Wetan Cilegon.

The birth place of Sheikh Nawawi Tanara
Sheikh Nawawi al Bantani Tanara, Tanara was born in the village (east of the city of Serang) in the year 1813 AD, During his life until death in Mecca in 1897 AD at the age of 84 years and Ma'la and was buried in Mecca. He has produced many books and studies guided scholars.

Mosque Kasunyatan
This mosque was used by scholars from various regions archipelago to learn and deepen the Islamic religion. Besides building the tomb of Queen masjidterdapat Grave Asyiah and other Banten Sultanate. Kasunyatan village located in Serang city Kasemen District 2 KM south of the Great Mosque.

Mosque Kenari
Building an Islamic Antiquities from the Sultan Abdul Qadir Abdul Mufachir Mahmud, Sultan of Banten in which there are four who used to park where the rest of the sultan's family. Besides the tomb of Sultan Abdul Machmud Mufachir there is also the mother of the Emperor's tomb. The mosque is located in the Village District Canary Kasemen approximately 7 hours from the town of Serang.

Grave Yang Sani / Sites
Is a complex sub Cemetery in Long Island with a character named Yang buried Sani. This location can be reached by boat Karangantu Harbor motordari for about 45 minutes. Great-Sani is one of the scholars of Islam spreaders in Long Island. Sani tomb Measuring 1.05 meters.

Tomb of Sheikh Muhammad bin Sholeh Abdurohman (Mount Santri)
Mausoleum of Sheikh Muhammad bin Sholeh Abdurohman or better known as Mount Santri Penziarahan located on the summit of Mount Bojonegara Santri in Serang district is located on the northwest coast north, 25 km from the town of Serang, or about 7 km from the town of Cilegon.

Grave Ki Jong & Mas Agus ju / Banten Girang Site
Banten is thrilled that the former estimated the city began to stand in the 10th century and reached its peak 13-14 centuries BC. To achieve Banten Girang can be taken through the streets toward Pandeglang, until the village Sempu then passed the road about 100 m across Cibanten River, opposite this river there Girang Banten site.

Masjid Singadaru
This tomb complex is located on the street Ki Uju Gg. Gozali Kaujon Serang, this area of about 1 hectare adjacent to the north bordering the trenches who allegedly used a river. Grave of TB. Abdurrahman or the title of Prince Singadaru, which mean "like a flash of light" is a genealogy of the descendants of Sultan Hasanuddin seventh.

Mr Sharif Ki Grave Penancangan
This tomb complex is adjacent to the north Stadium Panancangan Maulana Yusuf Serang, and a public funeral with an area of about 1 hectare. People are buried in the cupola is a descendant of Sharif / Ayip, including a well-respected figure in his time, like Rubi Sharif who had been a Regent of Bogor, Kijakrama been a prosecutor in the sultanate.

Grave Karundang Cipager Keramat
At this location there are several tombs scattered in several places at a short distance apart. There are 17 pieces in this tomb, including a 9 grave tomb group permanently shaded cone-shaped house with the main tomb R. Mas Hasani. The most famous tomb is the tomb of Ki Yang Srubut or Srudug.

Grave Sheikh TB. Sheikh Ahmad & TB. Chuluk (Yang tengkele)
This tomb was on the road about 2 Pandeglang Serang Km from Kota Serang of cemetery complex area of 1 hectare. Grave Sheikh TB. Sheikh Ahmad and TB. Chuluk located at the very front of the funeral complex. approximately 300 m to the west of the river there Cibanten fountain water flows from a crack rock called shower mas. Habits of visitors who take a shower, using a small bamboo tube called "Tengkele".

Source: Department of Culture and Tourism of Banten

Archaeological Museum at Banten Lama

Archaeological Museum at Banten Lama

Accreta Museum: Archaeological Museum
Address: Banten, Indonesia, ID

Near the 16th - century mosque in the town of Banten Grand Mosque is the Archaeological Museum houses a collection of artifacts from unreasonable enough mud and effects, in the province of Java. Special highlights include a series of archaeological and long nails to the martial arts used by the famous brothers Debus. Sleep in a long tradition that is an important exercise in the region, was first thought to come from India, with crazy dramatic performance, using a sharp knife and a gun, without drawing blood.
Banten Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday - 09:00-16:00

Bagedur Beach is Fantastic

Various activities can be done here, for example:

From terminal 4 Km towards Malingping Binuangeun will be encountered Bagedur Beach. The beach is long with dense sand that is wide . Because of its density, along the coast can be impassable even three wheeled vehicles.

* Motor Cross Beach
* Marathon Beach
* Beach Volley Ball
* Layang - Layang Beach
* Surf and Swim

They will be satisfied with the various activities in Bagedur.

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