Debus Banten

Debus than a single unit with martial arts martial art, also had attractive completeness. Debus is always interesting and makes the whole audience nerves become tense. Why? Because the game armed with machetes, knives or other sharp objects, which resulted in serious injuries in the abdomen, face, head, and other bodies are characteristic Debus. But the player, did not also die, even remain steady. All the wounds in the body of a player in the instant heal again only with the coach's hand strokes.

Almost every end of the year, Debus always been staged at the Great Mosque Alun Alun in Serang in Banten Pandeglang, also Rangkasbitung. But keep in mind, watch the game Debus, especially as conducted by the association Cimande TTKKDH martial art from area Labuan, Pandeglang (known to Europe, America and Japan) must be based on mental strength. That's important, considering the game is extra hard Debus.

Every time the game will be held Debus, generally always preceded by a roar from the sounds of traditional instruments such as flutes, drums and others. After that, the group consisting of a dozen people, some young women, present the martial art game.

Silat is performed only occasionally performed by a course. But not often in pairs. Agile movements brought women players, intended to assess the audience that women are not always weak. Although supple, but sharp bergolok attacker can defeat. Even in a few minutes, machetes opponent can move his hands, and one-one could have happened backfire.

Mr. Rusmedi, party leaders Cimande TTKKDH Labuan, also showed skill against keroyokan attackers. Champion (martial arts expert for the good intentions - the opposite of Champions always spit keangkaramurkaan) was 52 years old.

As early teens, he deepened the flow Cimande martial arts. Then more wrought with mysticism that cause immune and have a sense of the 6 sharp enough. "But do not get me wrong that is evil mysticism as many people think. This is the essence of the Koran also requires persistence and patience to learn it, "he told Suara Karya in Serang, last week.

Graduates SGB (School Teacher B) This is a very disciplined in charge of child rearing. From a few hundred students, about 30 really tough and invulnerable. Exercise in that direction fast for 7 days and 7 nights, without a meal. Buka puasa do at 6 o'clock in the evening, a handful of rice and a glass of fresh water. Heavy physical exercise was also carried out continuously for years. Besides that must also memorize the spells.

Done with martial art demonstrations, more serious game began. At first, the beautiful Nina and olive skin, go into the arena.

Mr. Rusmedi, Nina's brother, a coconut cut into thirds crosswise. Coconut shell is then filled with a pile of dry hair. Then sprinkled kerosene on it. After the collection of dry fiber in the three sections of coconut shell is removed and placed on the head Nina. Then burned. Weird. Nina was not screaming with fear. He was laughing sweetly, as horrified spectators saw.

Debus group Labuan Cimande TTKKDH does have a lot of stars. Besides Nina, also Iti. Another girl was also his expertise. Whole body, in every show is always lit a roaring fire blazing torches.

Peak performance, Iti watered with hard water. As is known, the chemical is very dangerous. Poured into the sand, boiling. Dripped into raw cowhide thick, hollow. Moreover, human skin is thin, can certainly damaged. But for Iti, another matter. Not the least damaged skin. Indeed, he was wearing gloves, smash.

There are still a series of scenes that was quite exciting, like enjoying a light bulb crackers can be swallowed with water. And lovers of glass was not vomiting blood, but the tail spitting tens kekelawar life. There was also the attraction of cutting or slicing the tongue thigh with a sharp machete to reveal the bone. But all that could be recovered again in a instant.

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