Banten: The Lost Glory

Not only Debus Banten, luping horse dance, martial arts or anything that smells of magic. Banten is a symbol of past glory of the empire ever known in Europe. Previously, Banten is as good of Malacca 
Trip to Jakarta we will be shown and then look back at past greatness Sultanate of Banten. The heyday of the Sultanate of Banten, led by Sunan Gunung Jati is then passed to his son Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin. This area has become a major power center in the archipelago. Even kononnya, the port of Banten Lama is known the world since the 5th century AD. Europeans first visited Jakarta is the Portuguese. Portuguese era trade relations with Arab countries and China. Until eventually, other European nations also came to the eastern world and compete.

Portuguese had finally moved from Banten. The English came, followed by Netherlands, who eventually became the ruler, with a fleet of Cornelis de Houtman, docked in Jakarta on June 23, 1526 then.

Trade rivalry between the Portuguese, British, Dutch and more fun, so the conflict occurs between them. French and Danish nation that was stopped in Jakarta did not last long. Gave and fled, and finally in the 17th century, these nations had left the harbor of this port of Banten and more lonely. Especially after the port of Sunda Kelapa was founded in Dutch Batavia. Banten was finally decided that the management company under the leadership of the then Governor-General Daendels.

Grand Mosque and the inconvenience
As the mascot of Banten region, the Great Mosque-up range in 1560-1570-often visited by pilgrims from various crowded regions in Indonesia. Especially in the early days of Islam. So, the first time stepping foot in Banten Lama, who to us as it is the Great Mosque. Because we want to see the Great Mosque, near which the history as a symbol of the greatness of the Islamic empire of the past.

Only a few steps from the entrance, a variety of illegal cost to us. Among the vendors on the first perfume we thought it was a perfume bottle is divided in vain. So do not be fooled. Because once you accept mewangian you will be asked to pay if you memulangkannya, was ready for war 'neck veins, "because traders will be forced to charge. It is an atmosphere that is not good for our tourism, better known as St. and friendly people.

Not only that, very unfortunately, the dirty air in the entrance is caught pleasant to watch, plus the absence of rules of the vendors Hawking their wares along the street entrance. Thus, the number of beggars who make money by force. The atmosphere was no longer pleasant.

As one of the tourist attractions, history and places of worship most frequented by pilgrims, such treatment should not happen. Board of Directors or the principal mosque tours respect to these problems. So that religious tourism or not history is littered with things that can damage the image of our tourism. And tourist attractions, a place that is suitable for tourists who visit here.

No Services Surosowan Palace
If you visit the palace Surosowan, do not be surprised if you find only the remains of the foundations and walls as high as 2 meter long in a state of bewilderment. We are very sad feeling when you enter this area. There are no official officers waiting in this area, there was no retaliation especially the signs that this place is well kept.

Initially, the palace is also known Kaibon palace was built by Maulana Hasanuddin Fata and Hillah when they beat Pajajaran. The building was formerly reserved for the Sultan of Banten. At the time of Sultan Maulana Yusuf (son of Maulana Hasanuddin), built around the fortress surrounding the palace to defend itself from attack. Walls reinforced with stone and red brick. Inside the palace built for the baths and the daughter of the sultan. One of the old baths that we can still see the bathhouse Denok Roro.

Unfortunately, now is the bath did not work properly. Mossy green water pond filled with floating garbage here and there. Dirty and unkempt. It was horrible!

Exactly, and November 21, 1808, the palace power ravaged by the Company Surosowan Daendels leadership because it was the sultan Rafiudin refused to submit. Strength Palace Surosowan broken bardil troops with bombs and cannon shells hujanan. The grandeur of this palace was shattered. And in the reign of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, foreign experts were hired to strengthen the castle. One of them is Hendric Luca Son Cardel. He built bastions, the fort a half circle with holes ready to shoot at the enemy target. But unfortunately these bastions could no longer be enjoyed now.

Everything in the palace is now the only remnants of the foundation crawl with the fine goat weed which local villagers. While areas around the courtyard, the area was used as a place to play football for local children.

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