Batik Banten

Banten has batik?. Maybe so that it occurred to many people when he heard about batik banten. This craft did not much heard and seen its use in our daily lives. But it turned out, when visiting banten batik centers, we are treated to views of hundreds of colorful fabrics with geometric motifs motifs very interesting.
Which is very interesting, batik banten color display which has a very lively, a combination of pastel colors are cheerful but also impressive soft. Which according to Mr. Ambhary (Alm), is suitable in describing the character banten people who have a high spirit, high ideals, yet expressive characters remain humble. And based on further clarification from Mr. Uke, the color combination was highly influenced by soil water, which in the dyeing process, reduce the color becomes bright pastel colors for the existing content in it.

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